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New Hanover County
Wilmington, NC, United States (hybrid)
15 days ago
New Hanover County
Wilmington, North Carolina, United States (hybrid)
15 days ago


New Hanover County is seeking an experienced Code Compliance Official to serve in the Building Safety department. Code Compliance Officials are responsible for enforcing codes and regulations for commercial and residential construction projects.  Duties include conducting inspections to ascertain compliance with codes, inspecting blueprints and schematics, reviewing contractor licenses, and interpreting appropriate construction ordinances, communicating with owners, contractors, and design professionals concerning code issues, interacting with the public to answer questions, completing written reports of inspections, investigating reports of non-compliance, and performing appraisals of damages resulting from natural disasters.

Salary Information: 

Pay for all zones is negotiable based on experience and qualifications.  

The hiring range for zone 1 begins at: $51,111- $86,889 plus a one time sign on bonus.

  • Points needed for zone one: 1 point - 4 points

The hiring range for zone 2 begins at: $52,747 - $86,889  plus a one time sign on bonus

  • Points needed for zone two: 5 points - 8 points

The hiring range for zone 3 begins at: $54,435 - $86,889  plus a one time sign on bonus

  • Points needed for zone three: 9 points - 12 points

Pay zones are determined based on a point system where points are received according to the highest level of certification maintained in the trade areas of Building, Mechanical, Plumbing, and Electrical.    Points are awarded as follows: 

  • 1 point for a Level I Certificate; 

  • 2 points for a Level II Certificate; 

  • 3 points for a Level III Certificate

Sign On Bonus of up to $5,000! Candidates accepting employment into this position are eligible to receive a one-time sign on bonus of $2,000.  Candidates prequalified by the NC Office of State Fire Marshal with level II certifications will receive an additional $500 in sign on bonus for each level II certification.  Candidates prequalified by the Office of State Fire Marshal with level III certifications will receive an additional $500 in sign on bonus for each level II certification.

The sign on bonus will be paid in two installments, with half being paid in the first paycheck reflecting the pay period ending date that confirms compliance with the New Hanover County vaccination and testing requirements for reportable communicable diseases policy and half being paid upon successful completion of one's introductory period.  


  • Required Education and Experience:  
    • Valid Driver License and good driving record 

    • Must qualify for Level I, Level II, or Level III NC Standard or Probationary Code Enforcement Official certification, preferably in the area of Building or Mechanical
      • Applicants selected with Probationary level certifications must obtain Standard level certifications within the time frame allowed by the issuing authority.

    • Must be computer-literate and capable of performing inspections and entering field data by using iPads, and using iPhones to perform inspections remotely and communicate with customers, peers, supervisor, and fellow-employees.  

    • Must be able to provide an appropriate work space conducive to a teleworking environment, which includes appropriate office furniture and a quality, high speed connection to the internet.  
    What will make your application stand out:   

    • Level III certification (or prequalification) in Building or Mechanical.

    • Certification in multiple trade areas (Mechanical, Building, Plumbing, Fire, and/or Electrical) 

Job Information

  • Job ID: 65248072
  • Workplace Type: Hybrid
  • Location:
    Wilmington, North Carolina, United States
  • Company Name For Job: New Hanover County
  • Position Title: Code Compliance Official (Building/Mechanical/Electrical)
  • Job Function: Code Compliance/Enforcement Officer
  • Job Type: Full-Time

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